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Step by step, uh baby, taking it step by step... oh yeeeaaahhh! Step by Step... just kidding!

Ok as i tell all the time this blog will also be used for bringing up some old Tutorials of mine, here goes another one for the weekend. A very cool weekend. A weekend i enjoy with my girlfriend (upsi, why am i writing here? --> let me explain, she brought home some dvds and we started to watch a movie, she really wanted to see - it was ok, but not that typicall stuff guys like - :) - yeah, short story she fell asleep after a while and i was watching the movie on my own...and i have to thank her somehow... not because of what you think, not for the time i got in front of the computer now- I love her for being the best thing in my life that has ever happened and she is so damm cute in making dvd-nights so quick, i am not as cute at all while doing so, because sometimes i am snorring in sleep)... Ok, step by step - just wanted to tell you that :) - and also a weekend where i will meet Robert (Muhani) in Graz for the complete next week :)

Eldar Phantom Lord painted back in the End of 2007 - Step by Step, oh yeah... maccaron!

If you don't mind i am quoting myself from this time:

For a regular customer I did paint  some pieces for a small Eldar army over a longer space of time. The next step on the plan will be Phantomlord. He did sent me the model, we talked about the model and its purpose, equipement, etc. - we also talked about the colour scheme which already was painted on some other models by me a Falcon, a small command of Rangers Rangers on their Base and one Vyper. Please be patient with me - i have been way more lazier and way without less pseudo wisdom about taking photos of miniatures and painting them at all, haha. So this Tutorial is also not up to date.

As i have been not really comfortable about the models pose i have decided to change it more in a moving, dynamic pose, slowly light scout mission. I just can't imagine cool robots just standing around in a field of battle and holding a weapon. A bit of lifement in a model is always sweet, even it is build for the gaming table. So i choose a stone from mother earth to bring up to the base, making the Lord caught in the movement over this obstacle. Simple vision i know, haha.

I am so far really still in its infancy. It's not all off for sure, GS repairs are missing completely, head will be rebuilt, various things are not fixed, still need to catch some mould lines in various  places, etc., etc. - there is still a lot to do.

A little taste - my version of the solution to get the scout pose number 57 at a planet somewhere around a galaxy - far, far away:

Picture lost in the wwwarp :( - at least it would not have been very important i guess, haha.


This guy reminds me of my heros from my childhood, oh yeah, there have been a lot and still are with me someday, like He-Man, the gummibears, lucky luke... but i mean those guys from saber rider and the star sherrifs, can you feel the thunder inside? (i was only allowed to watch this at my grandgrandma's... she sometimes watched it with me and she was so, so, so cool)..

Here are some views of this elegant fighting machine of a robot, basecoated with black primer, followed by white:


I. Basic Colors Order

The Phantom Lord was  covered with two glazes Bleached Bone / Graveyard Earth (40/50) .

At the beginning I like to work pretty wild, so i don't pay much attention on details, etc. The fact that i did dilute the color a lot makes the basecoating shine though at the moment, which isn't that hard at all to me, because more following layers will bring a more saturated finished color. Also working with thin layers provides that none of the details is lost. Too thick paint can do this quick, ok, not on such a big model, haha.

III. Start Shading 

For the purpose of shading I did in the previous mix a drop of Chaos Black / Hawk Tourquise  (70/30)  and added a translucent weak shade. This step serves me at the moment to define the shadow authorities later on. I will repeat this step to strengthen the informal support to my brain before I would work myself to the deeper shadows.


III. Beginning of intense shading

I started with the raised leg and multiple glazes of pure Graveyard Earth drawn over his leg downwards. This was then repeated with a drop of Scorched Brown and Chaos Black minimally darkened by the process. Further addition of minimal Chaos Black in the existing mix has led to the recent results ...


IV. Here and there shading / other base coats 

The base has received its basic contract with Schorched Brown. The rocks were a mix of chaos black / Fortress Gray / black shaded slightly toward the blue.

So far, the leg which is raised has been shaded to the knee with a tiny tip of bestial brown in the mix of III, but I have to rework this for sure strong, clean the mess up at the points are dirty and very spotty at the moment.

The clothings have been painted in 2 glazes of soft Red Gore.


VI. Continue the work on Base

The soil was followed by brushing with Desert Yellow Desert Yellow with an encore highlight of Bleached Bone mixed by.

The rock sections were very lightly drybrushed with Fortress Grey, remembering the light from above, that i most time paint. This step was repeated until the end, some very subtle edges with almost pure white carefully and gentle drybrushed where the upper light hits strongest.
Finally, the stone was once more darkened with glazes of dark gray to almost pure black.

Grass litter was placed on the base and the entire base (including the stone) after drying of the glue from the gras was retouched with a heavy glaze of aqueous Schorched Brown and Chaos Black (I believe this leads to a more uniform overall effect and brings it more together).

The red clothes were driven by a mix of terracotta / Scorched Brown and  a tip of Chaos Black  in the dark mix of this red.


 VI Completition and apology

 Most time the creative process and the muse is playing with me, as you see in the past almost as hard as in the present - sometimes. For this abrupt cutoff I apologize, but try nonetheless to explain the next steps reasonably understandable.


Here, finally GW snow has been plotted, while being mixed up with water and PVC-glue.

Phantom Lord:

To mentioned unclean places i went back again and had some goes to a middle tone i have treid to mix to soften the hard parts. The lightest I've been here already with Bleached Bone, so I went back to a mix of 50/50 Bleached Bone / Graveyard Earth.

Edges have been drawn by taking the inclusion of light angle (vertically above - 90 °) with pure Bleached Bone to Bleached Bone  with a small percentage of Skull White in the end.


These were all painted black first, then were given a base coat of black / Scab Red, but only the lower 2 / 3 of the stone touched. The upper part was left black. Here I have taken on the light. Where the light (take from the top) sits on the jewel of the light reflex, and there it was just going to be nearly or completely black with a white dot in it later on.

I  went on with pure Scab Red followed by adding Fiery orange to an addition of Golden Yellow in the mix. They have been painted with some glazes of glossy varnish.

Sorry for not remembering everything and i guess OSL and Freehand are some things which could need their own tutorials someday, step by step ;)

Finished Model for the gaming table:

Eldar Phantom Lord, 28 mm, Games Workshop


The Mini has really been fun. The pose makes a lot when building together a large model. What I have learned time and again: The creative process is the most important thing about the whole thing - as long as he makes a lot of joy and fun it was to has interrupted by nothing (to me i once again apologize to ^^)...

Keep on happy painting!


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