Tutorial - Gold Recipe II

by Roman aka jar

Don't get me crazy, just sorting my hard disk and found some thoughts of mine to other Happy Painter some days ago and i thought to share them here before i clean my weirdo hard disk up - nothing special, just some thoughts:

"Hi there, my first tip: Break from the WorldofWarcraft-Claws - that can make your live somehow changing in doing everything good at a computer game while   lacking besides in every other aspect you could become better. Just my own experience, needn't give to much about that - i simply realized that it's better painting a miniature than painting a white wall with a white pen in an computer game... Stop ;)... back to the mini: Overall look is well executed and there are some good parts. Really like the hait and the face expresiion, the magic stone (crystal) is very fine, but something in the overall look i dislike from my point of view. Beginning at the choice of colours. There are mostly warm tones on that miniature, means nothing cries out for attention - all in all somehow. The skin is well done but gets no burst in popping out from the colours. Before painting make clear for yourself what is the most important part for you on a sculpt, what should get most attention. Then chose your colours. For example the skin is a warm colour as you've done here (with no blues or blue greens), the red cloak is way more effectiv in getting attention. Red is a signal colour. Use such a signal warm colour only for things you really want to get attention on. The human eye has his "feelings" for colours, warm is a well feeling, cold is something in the distance and makes you kinda freeze. Just try to imagine if that red cloak would be a blue (i would go for nothing too dark here, maybe bring in some grey in the blue to break its intensity) - the skin would get all the focus cuz of the contrast. Well done on the metallics and skins on her arms. You went for a bright and dark contrast here, you set a clear difference here between the parts with a dark/light contrast. There are a lot of contrasts working together to get to a point. Most important in my eyes is this dark/light one. Try to look at the mini from above. Now you see all the parts which a above light hit (your view is the light). Those parts shold be the brightest. Every part which lays in the line of your view is a normal tone - not too bright not too dark. Every part which is "under" the mini and hiding from your view is for the deepest shadows... Hope that helps a bit... Keep up happy painting and don't mind asking, if questions will come up..."


On those guys here!

 "The gold parts:
Basecoat of Mithril Silver + Snakebite Leater
Inked with thinned Smoke (Vallejo)
Lights --> Mithril Silver + Bubonic Brown

The weathering has been done using real rust. Just get the rust pigments off something rusty. Then thin them with water a bit and get it on a miniature..."
uhm... damm i am so full with emails lately... don't ever wanted to say this but i really have reduce this, even if i don't want to. Just saying this for the future if i maybe am not able to answer - i'll try to bring up some more tutorials on how i work over on this blog here... Sorry for this thought in here (and thanks to Joe!), i really appreciate every comment aobut my works and it really makes me very happy but i am getting less powerful in answering these thousand mails coming in every day... sounds stupid but it's hardcore, i'll try my best over at this blog, so i would gladly invite you to join reading here - i am not an evil person and i love helping where i can, but when the time comes where i can't anymore i need to focus the part of helping on my blog before getting mad.... Keep on happy painting!
Regards Roman


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