Kong's WIP Thoughts OCT04

by Roman aka jar


strong coffee even makes the laziest titan get brain active, so i am here to tell you again about the some moments i did spent on the BASH. As i am trying not to forget something about him, i will show you here some more steps further, still in the progress of finding my way through the miniature - it is still early progress on him... so be patient about this step by step - looking forward to the end, because i still don't know yet how he will really look afterwards, haha:

Ok, Purity Seals have been glazed several times (4~5) with Graveyard Earth, moving slowly darker in the later glazes with a tip of Dark Angels Green + Chaos Black (really small)... I want to show you how i use the brush here. Not with the Tip of it, i paint the glaze on it while moving the brush over it with the side, pulling the colour carefully from one place to the other... to colorize the bright underground i did set before - i mostly paint like this and mostly everything with this brush seize:


The bright eye, you remember pure white there was glazed with a mix of goblin green + ice blue + tip of white, very thin, several times...while a bit of dark angels green was brought in for the lower part of the eye... looked like this on my wetpalette:

The reds have been brought a bit more brighter with using a tip of Fiery orange in the basecolor, added some Dwarf Flesh in it for a subtile Highlight on the edges... red is a bad color it mostly goes up to pink, so don't highlight with pure white or something near this.

The metal parts have been set with a dark metal tone of Vallejos Oily steel 70865 + a tip of Chaos black. The Skulls and boneparts in the end have been highlighted with a tip of Codex Grey in Dark Flesh. More to come here soon, very subtile.

The red wax dots of the Purity Seals have been darkened with a mix of Scab Red + a tip of chaos black, also did use this mix for some more intensed shadows on the red armour parts.

The white 'honour snake' thing there has been darkened a bit with of the Purity Seals Mix of graveyard earth and the tips of dark angels green and chaos black. Really thinned, just to get a bit more definition in there. The next steps will be cleaning up the mess and work more in the lights and shadows... here he is in the acutal state of  Progress:


So far from the BASH. After the chaotic base of Cain and Abel did provocate some minds in some forums, what really isn't a problem, really everyone has the right for his oppinion and i know my bases are sometimes on a thin line of really weirdo and highly strange i have decided to show you another strange WIP which waits for the muse - it will be painted to a very nice australian painter guy for an miniature exchange someday... that base is really weirdo, haha (as far as i can remember i have used an old MiniDisc Player, broken apart and used several parts in there for it and much more, ay, ay)... Toxic Girl by Fatal Personality, a great sculpt i totally adore:



I hope you like my vision i had for her... someday she will be painted to finish for sure... When the muse will come to carry my soul through this chaos on this base, haha...

Happy Painting again and again... if you can don't stop :)


PS: Whoho! I found those cool Fallout 3 Models, mostly scratchbuild - have a look:

PPS: I did try to take a shot of Cain and Abel in my cabinet, with lightning but it ain't very well too, so it might be up to you to find out how they look in real somewhere in between my photo experiments:


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