Kong's WIP-Thoughts Oct01

by Roman aka jar


uha, Rob your Maulg is already loved by me. I am so much... i mean really so much looking forward seeing this project grow. I wouldn't have been in the mood of a battle with you, except there won't be any chance of me winning this - this idea really rocks and i love to see it rise from the dust of your brain :) - as you see we are trying to organize this blog by seperating our WIPs from eachother, there is still a lot of thinking going on for improvement - if you got any ideas, please don't mind telling us.

Now, as the Chimp told you what he is up to, the Kong will do so too, before it is getting boring in here. First i want to say that this Chimp/Kong thing is not about any comparison of both of us neither it is about tail comparative or something like that. Chimp and Kong are just friends and a friend of mine told me lately that he saw a documentation about gorillas, where he did find out that these sort of wonderful animals have a really small penis - so you see, really i ain't up to challenge this crazy big dicked chimp anytime, never. Just running around the jungle together and smashing and roaring around... while sitting on our workbench doing tiny miniatures, haha.

Ok, what's up on my workbench lately? A lot and also nothing. 

Denise is still waiting for her Gagball i am preparing at the moment, i have tried to sculpt it 3 times and i failed, now i am waiting for a friend coming home from a sculpting workshop, haha.

The Sniper tower is waiting for 2 component water to get some steps further. Patience is the key to a harmonic state of mind.

I am thinking about stripping the Geisha off from colour - somehow i ain't sure anymore if i went in a good color direction with her and also there is a lot of colour on her, way too much at this state of progress.

Also i am preparing some comission work for the gaming table - some Tzeentch Models again. 

Carlos, the Miniature i am painting with my Padawan is still at the same progress, as i have a lot of things to organize at the moment i am not finding the time to get some more hours with Simon - at the moment i have to say sorry, but i am so damm hard looking forward to spent some moments on the brush with you again. 

As it is up mostly some preparation work at the moment, times of waiting and silence in my brain i can't stop Rock'n'Rolling - so i did pick up some mostly finished Models from Red Box Games to finish them up. While i did so i had - in my eyes - a very intresting idea, but i am hoping that noboby will blaim me to use a bible story for its background...  here is the base totally epic chaos with some statues from Confrontation in it. Also there is a root and my actual Work in Progress of the base, painted wet in wet on the base (mixing the colour on the base, like painting on canvas, you can still see that it is wet, haha). I have used Color, Pigments, Inks and coffee. Now i am waiting for it to dry before i start painting on this base ground for more detail... strange weirdo base, but perfect for my idea...


Which miniatures will be set there won't be told at the moment - as far as they are from Red Box Games again and they are telling a story from the bible... holy cow, i don't want to break any rules of faith in here but this fits so good. So please be patient with me.

So far from the Kong's Workbench... Enjoy your weekend with a brush in your hand and a barrel of fun in your heart...

Keep on happy painting!


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