Capuchin's WIP - Thoughts Oct01

by Raffa

Hey everyone,

The last week was very,... well you could call it unproductive.
Sure it wasn't really unproductive, i did a lot of stuff, but nothing to be posted now ;)

Here are two shots of my actual Work in Progress Stuff:

First, most parts of Leogante are finished, currently i'm fighting with his Base... it will be very cool if everthing works like i imagine ;)

And here is a Dark Angel i've started painting on monday while chilling at Kong's Jungle Palace :)

Still a lot of refining work to do, but at the moments it's pretty hard to find some free time....
I'm teaching myself a lot of new stuff, especially sculpting...

And because i doesn't want to post this without something "cool"... here's some other cool stuff... first, some more speedpaintings:

And second, some good sound from the electric bongo drums... Music, i hope you like eletronic music, if not please just LISTEN TO IT AGAIN :)

Marek Hemmann - Inessa Man i just LOVE this sound! The picture rocks, too
Booka Shade - Darko A true "classic" from one of my favorite electronic bands

Ok so this is some minimal stuff, next time you get a rougher time :)

I hope you enjoy this post, even if it's long :)


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