Comissioned Screamer of Tzeentch finished

by Roman aka jar


i've recently finished 4 Screamer of  Tzeentch, which have been an adding for the comissioned Tzeentch Hero on disk painted last month. They are all for gaming purposes so here and there it is not the best result i can achieve, but all in all they really look good together in my eyes and will bring pain and suffering from the winds of magic over their enemies on the gaming table.

I had to redone the base of the magician, because we - me and the comissioner - have been a bit weird about all his armies i did paint something up for him... so redone, fitting to all the rest he has at home now. I took a picture from all of them together, because i really like the flow and the speed these models, also in group have:

Tzeentch Group, Screamers and Magician on disk, 28 mm, Games Workshop

Hope you like them... so far i wish everyone a very nice weekend and some enjoyable moments of Happy Painting!


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