Kong's WIP-Thoughts Oct02

by Roman aka jar

Hah! Quicker than expected here comes another one of my brain farts...

I am actual organising myself through these WIP-Thoughts, so i hope you don't mind getting served another one so quick. A lot of my projects are in the "Waiting for equipement - State" so i am talking about those who getting forward.

Thanks to Vittorio for his idea of weathering the statues on the strange base i have shown you lately. I am sorry for not being able to do a Step by Step on that base as it has been only one big step to come to the point i had shown earlier. The muse rode me well and so i wasn't able to get some photos in between. Sure there will be more articles about my weird style of doing bases but not on this one.

I told you about using a bible theme on this one and i would like to call this project Kain and Abel, this was inspired by 2 Red Box Games Miniatures i had other plans with but those plans really got stuck in motivation. So Kain and Abel, two brothers angry on eachother, one good the other bad, that was the reason for the base. I did finish one of them last night and the base also got some steps forward - still a Work in Progress thing but let some pictures explain what i have done:

I have used tourquise artist pigments, brought to the base with a dry brush and did nothing more than using some Smoke from Vallejo, thinned with water on the statues around the base. The pigments now have been brushed off on those areas. If there were too many on one place i have used another brush to bring them together with the wet parts from the smoke...

After those great models from Red Box Games stood around for ages more or less finished i have decided to use them both for this idea - the first one is mostly finished, set on the base and will only get some final touches after both are up to the scene to get all together - also i guess i have to take the final pictures before a brighter background, the dark trees and roots are not really good to see... excuse me for that fact.




Today his brother will be painted - sure i don't know how far the muse whips me and the run of my brush. I hope you like it so far - sure there is still work to do, but i really like these 2 models grow finally in such a totally different direction as planned, haha.

I did take a photo on the balcony to see these dark roots around the base and to get a "normal" impression on what i am painting there - sorry for not being able in taking good pictures still - so here on the balcony with light from the sun, so also very strange like the pictures from the light box above:

After  Picster told me about a  competition over at the enourmous Warhammer 40K Space Marine platform, 'Bolter and Chainsword' about painting a Space Hulk Terminator in traditional Blood Angel chapter colour scheme or a following Chapter i thought about taking part, as i wasn't able to get hold of the Space Hulk game because of whatever, i asked a friend of mine if maybe i may get one of them i really like. In the end after a million times asked he decided to give it to me - thank you very much, my Kurtheit.

The rules of the comp say, just glue them together and paint them as they are without a special base or conversion. So i have started but sure cleaned and prepared him before painting him. I guess he will be a nice model to do another step by step. I have decided to make him from the chapter of the ANGELS SANGUINE, half red, half black. Time is to the 26th Octobre and i am not sure if i am able to make this... well see, the muse is the key and if she is with me maybe it'll work out in the end. Ok, here we go...  i call this project BASH, Blood Angel Space Hulk, hehe... stupid i know - stop blabla - allright:

Started him on a black/white priming, and went with about 3~4 Layers of thinned Red (Blood Red and a tip of Dark Flesh) on his red half to set the basics, sorry for the blurry pic this time:

After this i took one of the GW inks, Badab Black with a tip of Dark Flesh and inked the red parts with it to get some depth to work with. Also i painted the other half of the Terminator in Black. I didn't use pure black here, because in my eyes it is a bit too intensive and doesn't look natural. I did put in some ice blue in chaos black to get a good basic tone for the black armour parts. To the top i put more ice blue in it, it is very subtile but while working it out i hope you will get what i mean. The skulls/eagle wings have been painted with a basecoat of dark flesh.

As you can see the model is just put on top of a wooden piece to get a better hold while painting him...  So far from the moment, i guess i will write soon, haha... i know that my river of workflow must seems strange to some :)

Hope you enjoy! Happy painting!


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