Indoor Beachvolleyball Painting 2007

by Roman aka jar


after being asked to do some work in this place again in the next couple of months i was reminded that could also show those who are intrested in my work a little video of another, totally different seize of painting i have done back in summer 2007 - it took me about 2 months to finish this project from concepting to bringing everything on the walls. 

As you see i love painting with colors and used to paint a lot on canvas and draw a lot of sketches... i guess i will also use this Blog to show you this little trip in another world where the muse drives me, if some of you are intrested in. 

Don't be scared - the guy running around there and showing everything is me - filmed by a good friend of mine - thanks to the Beach Boys... I hope you enjoy:

As you can see the Apes are my destiny, haha...

Keep on happy painting!


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