Kong's WIP-Thoughts Oct05

by Roman aka jar


finally it is getting forward. Ok, it is always getting forward, time isn't holding breath, even it would be great to stretch a day to 48 hours or so, haha. Following - Thoughts of mine of my actual Work in Progress things...

Actual 4 screamers of Tzeentch for the gaming table will be soon finished up as a comission work. More to that soon. Also some Miniatures for the a new Steampunk Tabletop Game "Götterdämmerung" (which means - translated in my poor english: Dawn of the Gods) will be finished - i am not sure if i am allowed to show them here, but i'll check this.

Some other things still are in the process of waiting or in the process of creative planning ;)...

The BASH comes further step by step and as i told you i am doing a Article for him for MASSIVE VOODOO. So here are the next steps - before my brain makes 'blubb' and i forget what i had done there... 

I took a picture of his actual state without the photobox on my workbench, still a lot to do, click to enlarge:

The latest steps:

The Skulls and bone parts have been highlighted with thin glazes of Codex Grey adding a bit of Bleached Bone for going a bit brighter (not finished this step overall, because i am working my way from skull to skull, so some have more layers, others less at the moment).

The black armour parts have also been highlighted with this mix in the places where the imagined light from above hits the armour. Also the 'box' around the stormbolter has been worked with this colour.

The red armour parts have been highlighted with a mix of Blood Red + Tip of Dwarf Flesh + Tip of Bubonic Brown, also some edges get some attention with this mix.

The gems have been strengther in their lower part with 2 glazes with pure Blood Red.

The metal parts have been slowly highligted with glazes of pure Oily steel from Vallejo (70865).

On the base i have added some more rust, done with the same pigments as before but mixed with vermin brown to get some natural difference to the rust.

The alien teeth around his "honour snake thing" there over his chest have been painted the same like the genestealer before.

Pictures from the Photobox - ahh, i hate taking photos, haha:


I really enjoy painting this cool model. There is still a lot to do, but as you see it is getting clearer where the path of the muse drives me...

More to come soon... Happy Painting!

PS: Good weather here in my hometown, music style that influances the actual painting progress, some good Hip Hop, hehe: Klick!

This one also rocks while painting this fella up: Klick!


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