Weekend Playlist Adding IX

by Roman aka jar

Oh yeah... Music again - hey i hope no one flees in panic, there will be miniatures and talking about them in here again, you can fully trust me in that case :) - I did finish the playing room for the neighbour twins today, guess i will have some pictures ready on Sunday of the room, still got to clean up the mess tomorrow, hehe...

Music that inspires me:

The one and only:

Somehow i even like this at the moment:

Bringing it from the good ol' days of mine:

The complete playlist you may find here in case you really got too much time, haha:

Ok, i guess you see that these days are a bit silent - love them, but i can feel the wind pressing in some sails on a ship and i am looking forward to dance with the muse soon...

Keep on happy painting!

PS: In case someone missed it - the "For Sale Area" is now open... but not really filled, haha.


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