Review: Private Coaching with Jörg

by Roman aka jar

"I try to get some input once or twice a year by visiting classes or having a private coaching, hence it was about time to visit Roman in Augsburg again.

Deciding the theme for this coaching took me longer than usual.

Obviously it’s always nice to choose a bust or miniature and to paint it under the observing eye of a great tutor like Roman. You try to leave your comfort zone and learn something new. Afterwards you have something to remember those days in your display cabinet.

That being said I am just beginning the transition from beginner to intermediate level. I paint a lot, but mostly gaming miniature. 

Thanks to Roman & Massive Voodoo I progressed a lot during the last year, but in certain areas I had the feeling of standing still. 

In the end I decided against a big project and instead had chosen one main with three sub topics to touch upon without having a single project which would combine everything.

My main theme and sometimes still my biggest problem is getting the light right on various materials or body parts. I did choose cloaks (as an example for fabrics), Metals and Faces.

As a preparation I did choose some miniatures where we could try on certain parts. As well for the 32mm faces I purchased some heads from the company hornet in order to try there.

Further I did choose some recently painted miniatures as a demonstration of my current skills. This should give Roman a good overview and a starting point. 

As usual the communication with Roman ahead of the coaching was already excellent.

Finally the day arrived.

It is always great coming to Augsburg and seeing Roman. We started there with some detailed feedback about the bust and miniatures I brought with me.

Afterwards Roman explained his plan how to progress during the next two days and this did sound really good.

We started with cloaks/cloth and Roman explained during the next hours two painting techniques. Especially preparing the miniature with the Grisaille-technique had helped me a lot to understand forms and light situations. This is something I am pretty happy to add to my toolkit going forward.

We continued with faces. Here we painted three different examples faces in different variations/styles and as well this has laid a real solid groundwork for me going forwad. 

Finally we combined all techniques in one miniature and where working on NMM and metal reflections on the same. 

I got great feedback from Roman during those two days and I really had the feeling I finally understood certain things (thanks to my teacher). Romans preparation was really good(as always).  I liked especially that for every topic of the coaching Roman had an example miniature as well, where he showed me similar solutions/progress to my problems painted by him.

What should I say? It´s always great to have Roman as a teacher. His talent is excellent and his explanations are really a game-changer. Highly recommended and hope to see you next year again my friend!"

- Jörg

Yummy, yummy!

Thank you, Jörg!

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