Tutorial - Painting a freehand for the gaming table

by Roman aka jar

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Another Tutorial rolling in finally. The last weeks did pass without much going in here, but i guess this will change now. There are different things planned and organised in the deep bedrock of the jungle the apes are ready to rumble again. Maybe :)

This one is an old tutorial of mine i did about one and a half year ago. I simply do the translation now with a cup of coffee... it is about painting a freehand and how i went on this one. Be sure there will be other articles about this topic sooner or later as there are a million ways to do so.


I did a comission about 10 Khorne demons for the gaming table with an involved standard bearer and that standard should pop out of the unit. So i did a little sketch and preparation first.

I wanted to start with a pencil, drawing the motive on the banner - in theory it would look like this. First finding the middle of the banner by drawing a middle line and some ugly sketches of this idea on paper:

About the motive i was thinking about something like those ideas... always remember a sketch should not take more than 1 minute of your time - it is a sketch, something to hold on or look after while doing the real thing. Motive ideas, really evil demon faces, muhahahaaharrrr:

I did choose the third one. Ok, still theory i planned what i want to do when it comes to the model, a little colour sketch:

Wrrroooooaaarrrrr! I am an evil demon banner! Wrrrroooooaaarrrrr! Wrrr...ok...

Practical Experience

I did start the banner on a white primer with a basecoat of bleached bone. Please mention that this has been done for the gaming table, a quick freehand, nothing too special:

Pencil sketch, done on the bleached bone basecoat with a pencil:

A mix of Scab Red and Bleached Bone for the first glazed shadows:

Pure glazes of Scab Red for intensing the shadows, 2 ~ 3 times:

Mixing in a tip of Chaos Black into the Scab Red, about 30/70 for more definition of the shadows:

A glaze from scab red + bronzed flesh was used to rework the lights:

Intensing the lights with bringing in a tip of Bleached Bone and Ivory:

Final rework with some glazes of Scab Red and Chaos Black to bring in more definition. The banner was then splattered with some blood as it stands for the God of Blood and Skulls, Kho... Wrrrroooaaarrrr!

As mentioned above this is a banner for the gaming table so i ended here... i hope this little article helps some of you on how to start on such things...

Keep on happy painting!


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