Tutorial - working with natural leaves

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你 好!

This little article brings you my thoughts about working with leaves. Not the ones you can buy i mean those you can find, the natural leaves. My computer is now shipped, so i am still without, but my neighbours went in holiday for a week and i can lent the laptop - have a nice weekend to you 4 gangstas :) - Leaves...

Where to get them?
Over at the Reaper Forums you'll find a great article about how you can collect natural stuff (birch seed leaves) to use as leaves:


For the lazy guys and girls, you can buy them already prepared at the PK-Pro Shop. Even i am using those by PK-Pro I am always collecting real leaves during autumn, let them dry and make them to dust with my fingers:

Using your leaves
I use those leaves explained over at Reaper very often in the last couple of years. It is simply a joy to bring in the element of autumn in the game of colours on your base. I simply glued them on the base after i did paint the base up to finish, i did this with a toothpick and superglue, one by one. Example, sorry for the old crappy picture:

After a while i have realized that using them on a 28 mm model is way to big in scale. I want them smaller. So i am smashing every sort of natural leaves i can find with my own hands to dust, yeah to dust. Not really dust, simply smaller pieces but dust sounds way more epic. Then i pick up a toothpick and spent hours glueing them to the base one by one. Example:

Closing words
Why do i write such a tutorial in spring? I have no idea :)
Hope you like this little article, if some questions may appear don't hesitate to ask them via comment.

Additional i quote your suggestions and ideas in, thanks for helping making this grow:

Nestor says via comment:
"Another way to do leaf and folliage is to use smashed oregano! It was used in doing camo for 1/35 dioramas for armoured vehicles etc."

Keep on happy painting!


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