by Raffa

Hello everyone!
Now the time has come for our next competition to be announced.
After we have launched our clothing store we had the idea to start a competition related to it..... and what would be better than underwear?

What you have to do

Take a photo of you with either a MASSIVE VOODOO hotpant or retro shorts (no string tangas).
You can buy them here.

Please remember that this contest is not about pornography, we would like to see sexy pictures but please don't overdo it ;)
... because the roots of this blog lie in the deepest arch-catholic forests of bavaria ;)

Also we don't want to have faces on the pictures because the contest will be 'anonymous'... we won't publish any names in relation to the contest here or anywhere else.

This contest is not about top notch model photos, it's about fun! So don't take our pictures too serious, have fun and good ideas and creativity contribute to the rating of the picture!

If you like to you can also take photos of others, for example your girlfriend, their girlfriends, boyfriend, aunt, neighbor, friendly police officer, baker, butcher,.......

You can send us as many entries as you like but please don't overdo it, we don't like to filter out from a 30 picture photo set, send us your favorites!

Do NOT send us fake pictures or pictures you didn't take yourself or pictures of persons that don't agree to our Rights of Use.

You should send them to picster (at) massivevoodoo (dot) com in the highest possible resolution, we also need your adress for the prices, please don't forget this! The deadline for sending us the pictures is the 24th of July 2010.

- only MASSIVE VOODOO hotpants or retro shorts
- no pornography
- no faces, no names on the pictures (we only need your names & adress for the sending the prices)
- it's about fun!
- photos of others are ok (as long as they agree!)
- high resolution photo & adress via mail.
- NO fake pictures or photos without agreement.

Important Rule Change:

After we did get several entries without a MV-hotpant or -short, we decided something. As we can't allow them (even they are really hot) - they are not wrapped in our hotpant. BUT we don't want to make this such a commercial competition. If you don't want to buy one of these then it is ok for us. BUT we still like booty, so so you grab a camera, shot your own booty or the one of a friend and do something really creative with it to impresse us. RULE CHANGES, yeah right! I love to break rules, haha! Please be sure you don't sent us your naked booty, they won't appear here as we don't want porn in the jungle. It still should be wrapped in something, maybe there you can find your inspiration :)

IMPORTANT: As we never can be sure that someone isn't cheating by simply catching a photo of a nice booty out of the web there is still one rule left. Somehow you have to write MASSIVE VOODOO on that booty, like on a piece of paper or some body colours, whatever you may like. Please keep that in mind. Those who wear MV-Underwear will have our attention, but also others can gain attention by their creative way of showing us their booties.
The Show your booty! Competition Rules will soon be updated with this information! Tell it to your friends and don't forget to check the Prizelist!

Rights of Use

Short words about the judical parts:
The rights for the pictures will still be on your side but you'll grant us the rights to publish the pictures on our blog and for our blog advertisement.  
For sure we won't publish your name anywhere.

Winners & Prices

The jury consisting of the MASSIVE VOODOO crew will appoint 3 winning entrys after the deadline.
Those winning pictures will then be shown on the blog and we will link a extra gallery with all the entries, for sure, as we already said, no names will be shown.
The winners will receive a mail with our best wishes and further information.

Here you can find the complete PRICELIST!!!!!!!!!

Oh and if you like to sponsor this contest, just drop a mail to picster (at) massivevoodoo (dot) com. 

Ok, now the closing words:
As you can see on the flyer at the top we tried it out and it was MUCH FUN!
We wish you a HAPPY PHOTOSHOOTING and show some balls!


PS: Vesa, please send your adress to roman, he is crying like a little baby about this ;)


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