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by Roman aka jar

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Painted these models up for the german tabletop game called "Götterdämmerung", produced by Deltadog. The game itself takes place in a steampunk world and the models all have their own character really fitting in this scenery. It is still a young game but ... hey, i can spare time on this sunny day - check out their homepage to find out everything about the system, the game, the miniatures... here you go:

First, sculpted by Michael Winkler, there comes a dog with a hunter... I am not sure about the names of the models at the moment as i am only painting them and accepted that my brain can't safe all informations, but painting had brought a lot of fun as these are really wonderful sculpts. As soon as i know the exact names of the models i'll switch their describtion here and everywhere i might have posted them. They are so well proportined... and the game is in scale 28 mm...blabla-end:

The next models are scultped by my man the urang utang, mati himself. It was my honour painting them. Some kind of Dr. Jekill and Mr. Hyde... you can find a sculpting tutorial to the Hyde-guy in the Tutorial section of Massive Voodoo, or follow this link if you are lazy... hey, which one you might think - this one! 28 mm:

This is not an official announcement for the miniatures themself. Please be patient for further information on the Götterdämmerung Website. I just show that i have painted them up.

Keep on happy painting!


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