Romeo Models Huscarls finished....

by Roman aka jar

posted by roman

Still strange days... Raffa and me did finished the Romeo Models Huscarl. I also did write a Review on the model itself. You may find it here! Hope you like them!

Huscarl, Romeo Models, 54 mm, painted by Raffa

Huscarl, Romeo Models, 54 mm, painted by Romi

I hope you like our two versions of this model, if so feel invited  to drop a comment on what you think. For sure also feel invited to do so if you don't like something. We are always on the hunt to improve ourselves.

I am really surprised how different the same miniature can look like. I like Raffa's more but that must be some kind of painter's paranoia. Paranoia! Paranoia! Attentione! Paranoia!

Keep on happy painting!


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