Pasquale and Rodriguez - Cast Away...

by Roman aka jar

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This one was painted as a fun project and is a surprise gift to the first winner of the Show some balls!-Competition, for sure additonal to his crate of beer. We are still in the process of judging, the Jungle Jury is busy, screaming at eachother, throwing around trees and make loud discussions. Winners will be announces soon in the next days.

Those rats are from Rackham and are not large. Their Names are Rodriguez and Pasquale, they sailed across every ocean together, been on different ships, their band of brotherhood became stronger and stronger until finally their captains ship got broke in a horrible storm. They hide in this little barrel and we're so scared that they drunk all the rum. Then they slept and when they woke up they found themselves on a real little isle. They were meant to be lost but suddenly a book was washed up to their place and guess what - they had a chance again - it was the book from the movie "Cast Away"... now they know what to do, but unfortanetly only Rodriguez is able to read the human language. Pasquale now pays attention to the waves while Rodriguez finds out what to do...

Pasquale and Rodriguez - Cast Away, Rackham

Hope you like it!
Keep on happy painting!

PS: We will announce our next contest after all the work is done with the Show some balls! ... you really can look forward to this contest as such a contest never happened on planet earth... really massive :)


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