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by Roman aka jar

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Before you read much further don't miss Raffa's big tutorial about building up a desert base - Part 1. It totally crashed the blogs starting page, haha... check this out!

Aloa. This time it is some kind of special ebay listing. After i did paint up the Damné De La Gourmandise Obèse by Asmodeé's Helldorado in 28 mm back in 2008 as a comission work, the comissioner gave it back to me with the words i should sell it for Charity Auction over on Wamp! Forums for the Little Angel Contest! I was really suprised and very happy when i heard about his idea - thank you very much, Marko!

To find out more or to donate please click the banner below...

If you are intrested check out this link to the auction and help to raise the amount for the Little Angels.

This auction is a relisting of Raffa's painted Nintphegoz, the Undead. It is very sad he has to put it up again as the rightous winner of the first auction didn't pay until now and did not response on any messages Raffa wrote. He is now listed again - you can find him here.

Starting prices are fair as always.
Happy Bidding!


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