Bust AFTER breakfast day 7

by Mati

posted by Mati/Badsmile/Orang Utan

Hello Friends of the Jungle. Today I was talking about the bust I wanted to do with my buddy crownbear and didn't knew what to do. After spending some time on google we found a carricature artist named Patrick Mate. We were like BAAAAM what great carricatures ! We found one particular one that inspired us.

Bud Spencer and Terence Hill !!! WOOOOOHOOOOOW, now those two were REAL action heroes, my heros during childhood actually. We directly fell in Love with this carricature and decided to make busts of these two guys today. Crownbear chose to do Terence Hill and I got Bud Spencer. Hurray !

Hope you like them, tomorrow there will be better pics. Don't forget to check out crownbears sculpting blog and the carricature blog of Patrick Mate, both great artists. Enough words, the first crappy picture now!

So much for today from this part of the jungle, enjoy your night !


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