Introducing Joy and Figo ...

by Roman aka jar

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The sun is back in town and after i had the doggy for a long walk my computer again is on. You got to know that i am looking for a dog these days, after my neighbour promised some friends of her to take care of her while they are on vacation for 3 weeks. Unfortanetly my neighbour also got to work during daytime and so she asked me if i could do so during daytime - taking care of Joy... really a great dog.

Today i had a funny moment which still passes on for about 30 Minutes now. We came home from walking and Figo, a other neighbour's cat was sitting on my balcony as he is used to stay at my place also when the weather is fine. Now Joy really got upset and wants to play with this little fury thing called cat. They sit there since about 40 minutes now... no idea when this ends... just looking at eacother, no barking or evil-cat-noise-thing... i guess there must be true love... maybe i should open the door?

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Have a nice sunny day!


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