Finished Miniatures from Capuchin

by Raffa

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Ciao Ciao Ciao!!!

I know it's late but i finally finished another piece.

Oh and there are some other small news.... at the bottom of this post (don't dare to scroll all the way down !!!!!!!!!)

And i thought it's maybe a good idea to officially show the Trygon i've recently painted (and already sold) because Roman stopped to remember me, hahaha :D

I start with the latest mini, the Assassin from JMD.

The Debts got Cut

There are some kind of debts that can't be paid with gold pieces or big promises, sometimes you have to pay with much more.

You have to decide if you run away and risk the life of your beloved, your family and friend.
Or if you face the death for yourself alone and get the debts paid....

So what can i tell about this thing.
I bought it when i was in berlin visiting Mati.
We made a small trip to 'Battlefield Berlin' which is one of the biggest miniature stores in germany and there i wanted to buy some kind of souvenir. After Mati told me that EVERYONE that visited him bought the JMD Assassin i couldn't break this tradition and bought him... and i have to add i really don't buy many miniatures!

Enough of the story already...

When i started painting him i don't know what rotting banana i may have eaten but somehow i chose very .... ummmm ... interesting colors.
I wanted to paint him in another style and so i chose flashing colors.
First, i still don't like the colors i used... hmmm ... but after many people told me they like them i chose to continue the work.
On the base i tried out some new stuff... you can read about it in the tutorial section or just clicky click HERE.
Uhhhhm, yeah, that's it about this guy, if you have any questions or comments, feel free to post a comment :)

The second Piece i want to show you (many of you maybe already know this guy...) is my Tyranid Trygon from Games Workshop i painted lately.

I have to say this guy was a lot of fun and the kit was really good, especially if you look at the price.

Here are some pictures:

Tyranid Trygon

There is not so much to tell about this guy.
I've tried to add water to a gaming base by cutting a piece out for the first time.
It worked superb and added a lot of depth to the base, try it out, it rocks! :)

I hope you like both of the minis and maybe read a comment or two ^^

So the news i promised at the beginning of the post :)
First: I don't put anymore bananas in my fridge, thanks for the comment!
Second: My sculpted stuff get's copied profesionally in this moment including the cyber lady.



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