Show some balls! 2010 - entries...

by Roman aka jar

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Don't scroll down to have a look at the pictures!! First read, this is important, maybe:

As we are all made out flesh and bone it took some time to post all the fantastic entries we got from you.

First i want to say a BIG thanks to all the people who did particapate. I am glad that there are some out there which got the balls and the creativity to show off with it. Damm cool! All the thumbs are up in the jungle, from the small Orang-Utang thumb up to the fat Kong thumb. You, ladies and gentlemen rock!

Hey ho, jungle friends! I am glad to announce that we got 20 entries for the contest (2 of them are not yet shown as they are still not ready, mine and Roberts, haha). That makes 20 $ from your entries which will be donated to Dawn in South Africa and her Apes in the next days. The Apes from MASSIVE VOODOO will rise this up to 70 $.

If you want to help feel invited to get in contact with Dawn over on her homepage via email. Please notice that Dawn needs her time to answer as the Internet connection is not the best over there in South Africa. Would be great to see some more help raised to Dawn and her Apes. For the lazy clickers of you, write to (this is not a Paypal account adress)

apes --- at --- gom --- dot --- co --- dot --- zo

to get information on how you can help her in South Africa.

Some of you only did sent me only view of their ball. I am true to you, i was lazy and after my brain did search for an answer i found it: We don't care, as long as everybody did follow the rules of the competition! I hope this is ok for everyone. I really was too lazy to write more emails than i already do and in the end more views doesn't really matter. As an excuse we got 2 suprises for all the Participants of the contest. One will be announced in here.

Also i have 4 entries which did not fit to the rules (they are no plain balls), but they we're as funny as hell and i will post them afterwards. I am sorry about that fact but sometimes a man has to be man. Nah, you would think, that's ridicilous as i was just reading what he wrote above... yeah  i know... i am really weird, but... ney.. no but, i just can't let them get through the security check. I would be thankful for everyones understanding.

Ok, i don't think anyone really will read this what i am writing here, i guess most of you will jump down to watch some balls. I'll simply explain everything during the process of typing... again thanks for showing your Cojones :)

Next i will upload all the entries we got from you in randomly order, with a number (this number is not announcing winners yet, it is just for the jury work to have an easier chat about everything) and your name we got from you, maybe if i know something i will add a description:

1. nah... i can't start yet... i am really thankful of your participation, you really made a ball and did paint it, put your time and effort in it, that meltens my heart, a sign that there is creativity out there... you make the jungle proud and party - thanks a lot! Ok, where are those old dry banana tissues... let's go:

1. HolladieWaldfee
Horse Chestnut Ball

2. Vesa

3. Nabozo
Deus ex Machina

4. Noeste

5. Barakwolf

6. Bloodmaster

7. Daniel
Even this really seems to be very, very small - I told him that the pictures are too small and that it might be a good idea to send in some bigger ones 

8. Leichtmatrose

9. Androsch

10. angeld

11. Harald
Evil Sun
12. Bloodmaster

13. jeromé

14. Leichtmatrose

15. Markus and his daughter
They really got a big ball, it looks amazing, like a stone from a different planet, but the putty they've used doesn't really help when it comes to make a ball (papier mâché), whatever, we did choose to let it take part in the end as it depends on the putty-failure here, but it really will get justifiable deductions in the ball requirements. Markus was so nice to add also some photos of the process, simply will add everything i got from him, check it out, looks like from E.T:'s home planet:

That's it. Those are the entries taking part in the competition. We are really happy about your creative ideas and these cool entries. The "JJ" (Jungle Jury) will need their time (about 1 week) to choose the winners of the contest. That won't be an easy task i promise you, please be patient, they will be posted seperatly when done.

After i told you in the beginning there will be some entries which did not match our competition rules. I don't really like to be so grim, but anyhow, they don't really catched the ball theme at all, BUT hey comrads - c'mon, you really made my day shine :) - thanks for these cool and very creative entries too. I am sad to say that they won't be taking part, even they are pretty cool - that won't be fair... don't get me as the evil Kong!!

16. Klaus

17. Johnny_be_Good

So far... i hope you enjoyed all the entries, please feel invited to post a comment on telling the participants some feedback... your creativity makes this day shine bright :) - We are going to do JJ-Work... thanks again and read you soon!

Keep on happy painting!

PS: I talked about a surprise - here it is, Raffa and me we did also some balls who won't take part in the competition, one is good the other one is lazy, i guess you won't have to guess which one is mine - not easy to find a good idea while i am always typing, typing, typing... :)

Nah, i can't show mine... yet. I will redo it, i was very lazy and simply threw my primed ball into my wet palette, haha... i will rethink this again and maybe also Robert will finish one until i will have the balls to post mine, maybe :)

I hope i did not forget something, if so please just drop a line...


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