Memphis Belle finished...

by Roman aka jar

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I have finished a Games Workshop Forgeworld Hydra Flak Tank, named the "Memphis Belle" as a comission piece for the gaming table. There will 2 others follow someday when the time is ready and that is why i give them names, makes it much more personal to me.

I wasn't really able to do good photos of that mama, so i've decided to drop my photobox away and simple catch her with lightning from the camera on my table. Sorry for the crappy pics - the comissioner is from Augsburg and saw her yesterday while still WIP and was already very pleased (i did choose the colours by his already existing army) . She and her 2 upcoming sisters will roam the battlefields soon. Wrumm! Wrumm! Trr! Trr! Trr! Trr! Trr!

"Memphis Belle", Hydra Flak Tank, Games Workshop 

I am planning to make a Step by Step on one of the Sisters, how i painted her and how to handle Forgeworld Resin and how ... ugh who knows, not yet... still a lot on my list - now i am looking forward to clean the Arky (long time followers might get what that means) :)

Hope you like this lady!
Keep on happy painting all over the globe!


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