Interview: Daniele interviews Allan Carrasco

by Daniele "Found" Trovato

Interviews of the Sculptors Legend #3

Daniele Found interviews

Allan Carrasco

Hello mates
this is Daniele, and today I'm super happy to have here one of the most important miniature sculptors all over the world.

My friend and great artist Allan Carrasco.

This isn't a video interview because we didn't recorded it, sorry :-)

The interview 

D) Tell us shortly your formation. What you've studied? How you started to sculpt miniatures for living?

A) I have a baccalaureate in science (“A level” in English or “High school diploma” for US readers if I’m right). Then I thought I could study some art at university or private schools…but I was quite disappointed in both ways. At the same period I had my first contacts with companies and professional people in the miniature/gaming world, I did some painting commissions and eventually sculpting commissions for Ilyad Games and Fenryll (French companies) in 2004... 16 years ago!

D) Tell me something about your daily routine.
How many hours do you sculpt per day?
What time do you wake up?
Breakfast? Dinner?
Do you listen to some music while you work? If yes, what music?
Some specific and daily habits?

A) Ok let’s dive in my private life…:-D

Back in the days my whole day was dedicated to sculpting minis, I remember that time in the early times of Kraken Editions (a company we owned in years 2007 to 2009 with Jeremie Bonamant Teboul and some friends) of hard working days from 9am to 3pm…hopefully coffee, beer and meditation could help me.

Now, I’m a father, my daughter is almost 6 years old and my daily routine is related to her. Each day is different, I can spend 4, 6 or 8 hours working a day, and the day after only 1 hour or even don’t enter the studio. I’m quite free regarding that point.

I wake up at 7…or 8…and sometimes at 9… (Again, depends of my daughter). I’m vegetarian, drink coffee in the morning, love bread slices with tahin (sesam cream) over. I often listen to music, rock from the 60’s or 70’s (big fan of the DOORS), Cumbia, Mexican music (like Chavela Vargas) and a lot of traditional and ancient sounds from every parts of the world.

D)When you sculpt a new figure, do you always look at anatomy and proportions references, or do you sculpt everything by memory?

What is a practical exercise to improve the anatomy knowledge for sculpting purposes?

A) To improve you have to look, and not only look at, but study a lot of references, pictures, drawing or even your own body. BUT to feeling free and have a real pleasure of creation I prefer to work only from my imagination, inspiration and references I have in my brain.

So, that’s mean there are, at least, two different manner to work. The first one, using references is mainly related to commissions, the second one to personal work and maybe closer to Art.

D) Do you have a mentor? If not, who he should be?

There are many artists I admire, many. But I don’t consider I have a mentor, I even think it would be dangerous to place somebody over myself during years. We learn from other ones, for sure, but we don’t have to be attached to the same person. Maybe you’ll be frustrated without few names…so here there are (for sculpting): most of the classics, a preference for Michelangelo. I love Carpeaux, Rodin, Szukalski, Henry Clews, Adolfo Wildt…as living artists, Takayuki Takeya’s work impress me so much, I have to mention Jacques-Alexandre Gillois, maybe the most talented miniature sculptor out there, he taught me a lot in my early years at Ilyad Games. Brian Nelson, one of the GW sculptors is also one of my favorite.

D) Going into technical questions: favourite clay for sculpting?
Can you give us your mix? Why you choose that?

A) I like polymer clay, as fimo and the sculpey range. A the moment my mix is a blend of fimo (classic one, now called “professional”) and sculpey firm or medium, 50/50 more or less.
I use a lot of milliput yellow-grey epoxy putty for years, really useful material.


For bigger and different projects as my masks or doll/puppets I use water based clay, often stoneware. I’m a beginner for ceramic stuff but really enjoy it.

D) Sincerely, do you think that a 3D artist should be considered a real "Sculptor" or better "Digital Artist"?
A) Well, I don’t care! Of course there are big differences, but in the case of miniatures, only the result is important and many ranges digitally done we can see these days are amazing.

It’s a question of taste (and business also). personally I’m interested in this new tool for commissions and to improve and spend less time on some projects (I’m unable to do mechanical or symmetrical elements as Zbrush can do) but I’ll be afraid to spend my whole day connected to a computer…

D) If you should choose only 2 tools for sculpting which they'd be?
Could you describe why they're so important and how do you use them?

A) Spatulas or palette knives are my more useful tools. There are a simple pieces of wood carved with a flat side and curved side. These tools help me constructing all the structure of a sculpture, the
volumes or shapes (from overall shape to detail). That’s why there are important. I also have tiny ones made from metal wire.

Second kind of tool could be brushes, especially working on anatomy I use brushes and solvent (white spirit, turpentine) to smooth and shape more specifically the lines of muscles and silhouette.

D) As a sculptor, what is the most difficult thing to sculpt in your opinion?

A) I think each sculptor has his preference, and correlate are some difficulties. We are doing right what we love to do. I like anatomy and organic forms so I can say mine are quite good in my opinion. I dislike hard stuff, weapons, perfect symmetry, so I do as less as possible because other sculptors are far better on that point. I could add that a beautiful drapery is hard to obtain.

D) As your experience, if a sculptor should have three basic skills what they would have and why?

A) Sculpting is giving birth to a volume, and real object. It could be made from everything, wood, metal, trashes, clay…I guess many skills could operate to give a good sculptor, and many other skills would give a totally different one, but as good in his own way.

Maybe the vision is the most important one, be able to construct your vision in your mind, and accept the style you’re giving to your sculpture.

D) Today, in the age of 3D Printing and 3D sculpting, in your opinion, is it worth to spend time to learn traditional sculpting for job purposes?
A) In my opinion choosing a way (study, job) just to earn money is the biggest mistake someone could do in his life (okay maybe there are bigger mistakes...but that one is big enough). Alejandro Jodorowsky says the only way to not corrupt your art is to not making it your job…well, I failed!

And him too ahah…but we can understand the meaning of this advise, in my practice I try to keep a space of creation beside of my commissions, to make sculptures (or any other stuff) that I don’t want to sell, and so I’m much more free. I did an exhibition last year of my personal pieces, statuettes, masks, puppets and drawings. A large part of the visitors were surprised because nothing was for sale. It allowed interesting discussions about art!

So my answer is yes! if someone love traditional sculptures let’s do it!

D) If your daughter should decide to be a sculptor, what best suggestion you'd give to her?

A) I’ll try to help and answer her if she ask for it, if not I would be quiet…if I’m wise enough.

D) Where can we find you, your shop, and contact you?

I have no shop but a website I plan to transform as soon as possible ( A facebook account (allan diego carrasco) and Instagram which is the most updated (@allandiegocarrasco).

Some quick questions with "one-word" answer:

-How many figures have you sculpted in your career? :
No idea, more that 200 maybe?

-Favorite oil-based clay brand:
Chavant NSP is quite good.

-Favorite Clay-Brand:
Polymer you mean? Sculpey.

-Favourite Singer/Musician:
Fela Kuti…Lhasa… Sainkho Namtchylak…mmm… Bjork? Oh wait Jim Morrison…or… oups you said one word! :-D

-Favorite Movie :
Hard questions mate…“La danza de la realidad” and “Poesia sin fin” (Jodorowsky).

-Favorite song/composition? :
La Llorona.

-Favorite Food? :
Some Mexican or Libanese food.

-What don't you resist? :
Enter a library…

Final thoughts

The interview is AMAZING! 
Behind his words, Allan demonstrates. his great experience.

Thank you 


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