Review: Private Coaching with Eugene

by Roman aka jar

"Roman has perfected the craft of an artist but, just as importantly, he has mastered his approach to teaching and coaching. This includes everything from the way he gives feedback to his flexible creative approach. He has changed my perspective as a painter and I consider myself lucky to have had the opportunity to work with him."

- Eugene

Good Morning everybody,
another session of private coaching teaching passed. This time with Eugene.
I want to thank Eugene as he travelled from New York to little Augsburg in Bavaria to learn from me.
This is a true honor and I am really happy I was able to make him happy with the two day coaching.

"I wanted to take a moment to say thank you. The session with you has completely changed my perspective as a painter. Beyond just inspiring me, it has connected me more deeply with my painter's voice and spirit. Our conversations and you sharing the small treasures in your studio with me also made it feel special.

Finally, you were right about the studio, it has the Mojo. Even if our next session happens in your new space, I won't soon forget the MV Bunker (my nickname for it :)).  

Thank you for everything, it meant a lot to me." -- Eugene

approached me with several different topics that he wanted to learn:

- to paint more in a vision of ambience, instead of color recipes
- how to tackle skin and hair
- how to connect colors together while building up paintjob
- interesting, dramatic light situations
- a healthy, rewarding workflow

... and of course we tackled it all on a bust
by Journeyman Miniatures!
Thank you, Eugene for the will to learn from me and the splendid talks about painting, life and the world. It has been a pleasure meeting you and I am looking forward to next time ;)

Keep on happy painting!



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