Summertime thoughts

by Peter aka Baphomet

posted by Peter, Baphomet

Finally good weather has arrived in Germany and the monkey-crew is enjoying it a lot. No more rain, just sun and good mood! Big Kong has finally returned from Austria, visiting our brother Robert and taking his well-deserved free time. But I think he will tell you about this soon :) Ignoring the heat, Raffa is painting like crazy and his projects are growing and growing... this will be awesome stuff... It´s a pleasure to sit next to him and watch him doing little voodoo with his brushes. It´s really inspiring and suddenly there is new energy for your own projects ;)

At the moment I´m working on this beautiful Murmillo (made by Pegaso). First I was afraid of its dimensions, but after priming it and painting the basics I was suprised about the joy I felt while holding him in my hands. This is how it should be! So, until now I spent about 6-8 hours and slowly he get´s a special character ;) I´m really curious how he will look in the end because I still have a bundle of very nice ideas for him... I especially look foreward to the freehand for the scutum... ;)

But there are also some other ideas growing for this little nice guy... I won´t tell you now about them, but you should see about whom I´m talking:

So you see there is a lot to do for the summertime and the next big happy event will be this week as some of our Australian friends are coming to Augsburg and visit the monkey crew... so stay tuned!

Some music for the summer!

By the way: I know this is unusual by why shouldn´t I try it this way? As you guys know I have studied history and polics with a specialisation on the Middle East (religion, politics, etc.). In May I tried to get a scholarship for my PhD-thesis, but I was not successful... I´m not angry about the commission´s decicion, as it gave me the time to think about myself and my future. After some weeks of meditation and thinking I´m now looking for a new job and I just wanted to ask, if probably somebody of you work for an NGO, political foundation or think-tank with a focal point on the Middle East... if they´re looking for new colleagues I would be happy, if you would give me a hint and send me an email ;)

Now back to the balcony and enjoying the sun ;)

Best wishes,


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