Kulmbach 2011

by Oli aka HonourGuard

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Kulmbach 2011

Crazy Start
My day started at 5.20.. I set in my car and turned my navi on.. and I saw that the arrival time is 10.49. And I had just had time to 11a clock to enter my miniatures in the competition. Finally I had no idea, where it is in Kulmbach :D

4 hours later, I was in Kulmbach at 10.20 and tried to drive to the castle, because my dad said me the expo is on the castle.. but no. In the city was much trouble and I parked my car somewhere beside the street, and packed my stuff and walked in direction to the castle..^^
I wanted to walk up the hill to the castle.. but a woman said me that the competition is in the big tent 100 meters away from me.. and I didn't see it.. what a luck.. ^^
After I was at the tent, I saw my friends, Thomas and Thomas, they showed me where I could enter my stuff.. thanks mates :) Overall a very crazy drive and I wondered why I didn't drive on any highway, but when I came home.. my father checked the navi, and the Highways where turned off.. What the fuck.. who turns this off, that the machine find me a route without highways..? But so I see a little bit more about the beautiful landscape :)

The Expo itself was very affected from historical and especially flat figures, what did really wonder me, because in all competitions I visited before, they weren't many flats enterd.
I bought myself some flat miniatures because I was really impressed by some artworks I saw in the big tent. The cool is, the miniatures are very cheap, 1 Mini - 1 euro and I think it is a good train in painting freehands :P
Also my friend Thomas showed me the Valdemar miniatures some really great sculpts in 1/72 scale. I have to show you some painted versions of these in the next days.. I paint every day and don't take me time for making photos or writing anything on our blog.. In all this trouble I forget my camera.. but my other friend Darkknight sended me some good pictures from the weekend.
Overall I enjoyed this weekend, meeting some friends, looking miniatures.. and winning something inthe competition :P

I would like to say that this miniatures are painted from me, but they aren't.

Diorama from Thomas with 1/72 miniatures, I really like the scene, good job mate ;)

So far.. good night.. damn after a week of non-plus ultra Painting I have to go to work tomorrow once again.

Best regards Oli


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