900 ahead!

by Peter aka Baphomet

posted by Peter, Baphomet

Well, I´m back from a short vacation in Budapest (Hungary). Me and my family visited this beautiful city and joined all the crazy people at the "Sziget-Festival". It was awesome and we had a lot of fun... I will be there again next year ;)

It was very interesting to visit Budapest after all this long time of absence... Everything has changed in the last 5 years... I can only suggest to have a look by yourself ;)

But this is not all why I write this little text ;) as I look into our list of followers, there are a only few persons missing till we reach the 900 ! ! ! !  I´m so proud that we will reached this number in a short time. So there will be a little present if this happens ;)

But now, here some impressions from Budapest!

View from my sister´s appartement:

Some relicts from the 1956 uprising in Budapest (same house)



Wedding-Tent (not kidding! ;) )



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