Tutorial: Wargaming - Painting Eyes

by Sebastian

Hi everyone,
this is Sebastian,
dropping my first article into the jungle.

This article is aimed for players who paint whole armies. On MV we are thinking to give this a new category in our tutorial section.

Here I show how you can easily paint eyes on every figure that look good in the end.
There is no comparison to the eyes here.

First paint the face in your basic color, as much that only the eyes remain. 

Now take a white one and color the eyeballs.
You don't have to be 100% colored, just make sure you don't paint over the eyeballs.

Now take a black shade and apply it all over the eyeball. 

Now hold a slightly damp brush with the tip in the eye.
The brush pulls the shade out again. Just make sure that he doesn't pull out the shade completely, because there should be a delicate black line. You can repeat the process until you like the result. Usually, however, it is 1-2 processes. Let the rest of the shade dry. The shade still lay over the eyeball and now makes it look a little more toned.

For the pupil, I got a black XS pen from a stationery store. 

The pen has the advantage here that you don't have a brush tip and you can paint the pupil quite accurately. No paint dries away, no consistency problems and the color does not run. Just make sure that you have the pupils looking in the same direction.

At this point the eye looks pretty good and is enough for any army. But if you want more, you can of course also set the highlight. Take a small brush and use white to paint the highlight half in the pupil and the other half in the eyeball.

Human Face 2
This topic handles prominent spots during painting a busts face.
Article that brings you thoughts and examples on how you can paint eyes.

Above you can see tutorials that are connected to this method for gaming models.

Best Wishes and enjoy!


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