MV Challenge 2020 - Beyond your imagination

by Roman aka jar

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Helly everyone,
it is about time. Finally Massive Voodoo challenges you again!
Sharpen your brushes, be creative and follow us in the endless space beyond your creativity!

  • 1. Foreword
  • 2. Challenge Rules & Judging Criteria & Judges
  • 3. Challenge Timeframe
  • 4. FAQ
  • 5. Prizes & Fan Award
  • 6. Supporters

You can find the challenge linked up to the main page of MV, right upper corner:


so far we did not imagine that 2020 start like this, but it did. On one hand it is really confusing times, but it also seems the universe wants us all to have more time in front of our brushes and paints.

You know that MV always creates special challenges for you, like the Easter Egg Challenge, Pinguins, Marie Fleur, the Mad Max Car Contests and more. You can find them here:

This time is no different.

We want you to travel through your imagination without limitation. How you might ask?
With a small astronaut as your main character. Read more about it in the rules!

With the inspirational help
of my MV brother Josua Lai, Concept Artist Samaneh Rasoul (banner work) the sculptor Momo Pügerl and Mr. Lee's Minis we bring you another challenge that will make your creativity spark and that we are pretty sure that its gallery will enter miniature art history. I came up with the idea for such a contest a long time ago and had in my mind for long. When the idea took shape I did some drawings and contacted Momo for seeing this tiny astronaut sculpted in 3d:

Mr. Lee's Minis started production when things started to roll on and Samaneh created these beautiful banners that you all can see as an inspiration. Quite the flow in this, but still - reaching the point to announce this challenge - was in fact a challenge and took some time, but here we are now:


Be creative. Tell us your story to what far away planet, crazy situation or miracle your astronaut travels.

You can build dioramas, single bases, connect with other figures of every scale, add a gang of astronauts to your story and see no limitation in size or else whatsoever. You are also allowed to convert the Astronaut.

The only rule is:
This tiny astronout has to be involved at least once.
Get your astronaut in 15 mm set via Mr Lee's Minis:

You can take part with as many entries as you like, no limitation in numbers.
If you have great ideas you can win multiple prizes.

Submit your entry to
with a minimum of 3 photos from different angles, maximum 5.
Subject your email with: MVChallenge 2020 - *your name*

Feel invited to ask them via comment on the blog.
We will include them via the section #4 'FAQ'.

The full MV-Team of active Members will handle the judging work:
Josua, Hansrainer, David, Sebastian, Philip, Daniele and Roman.

All Members of Massive Voodoo are excluded from taking part in the competition. They can not win a random prize or a medal. All of them are allowed to take part in the "Fan Award" voting.

Judging Criteria:
The judges will look after your creative story-telling and your creativity. Secondly, they will look on technical painting quality and basing skills. All should be in balance in harmony.

The Challenge starts
15th of April 2020
and ends
November 23rd 2020 (Midnight Roman's time/Germany)
to give you all enough time to find the most interesting excuses to not take part in this time frame or to create amazing entries :)

We plan to have all the entries uploaded and judged until 15th of December 2020.


Ask your questions via the comments
- we include them here with our answers ...

Can I show work in progress photos of my entries?
Yes. Be free and make your friends join this too!

After sending my entry to you do I have to wait to show it elsewhere until the official challenge is over?
No. You can show it right away!

Am I allowed to enter my astronaut projects in other competitions before the Challenge ends or after?

Am I allowed to convert the Astronaut?


In the overall contest there will be three winners.
We give away one gold medal, one silver, one bronze.

The gold medal
winner also will recieve Roman's painted version of this little Astronaut:

and a sand art picture done by Manuel for this challenge:
The silver medal
winner will recieve Josua's painted version of this little Astronaut:

The bronze medal
winner will recieve this handpainted bust by Alfonso "Banshee" Giraldes, with a tiny added Astronaut by Roman, that is still missing as we are waiting for Astronaut restock :)

At the moment Roman and Momo are working on creating some metal pins with small astronauts to make everyone who takes part in the challenge recieve a pin for his bravery! Stay tuned! Work in Progress!

We were not able to manage that! Too many things happened recently (for example: Roman has to move unplanned as his landlord needs the flat) and funds and time for this idea were not available. We are really sorry!

Fan Award
As soon as the full gallery is up we want to invite you all to vote for your personal favourite. We will give out a fan favourite award that will consist of something we will show you soon! Everyone, even those out of competition (for example if one of the MV members takes part) are open for voting on the Fan Award. Stay tuned!

The winner of the Fan Award will recieve:

A sand art picture done by Manuel and one of Roman's limited and sold out Artprints:


A special prize will be added for the one with the most entries:
Mr Lee's Minis is dropping in a double book special: One of Roman's original Miniatureart Artbooks and one special book, a testprint that was used to find our way in the journey of book printing. It is different than the original and shows a lot of process.


Random Prize Pool
We will hand out random prizes to everyone who takes part in the challenge, via raffle.
Everyone can only win one randomly drawn random prize pool prize (<--wtf :d="" br="">

These prizes are sponsored by our supporters and contain of the following:

3x Sets of Roman Lappat Miniature Art Postcards A


3x Sets of Roman Lappat Miniature Postcards B

MV-Team Member Sebastian adds this limited model:

Roman adds this model:


Journeyman-Miniatures adds this bust:


A MrLee's Minis suprise!


Nordlys Miniatures - one figure of choice!

Christoph drops this figure as a gift

Kensho Miniatures adds a beautiful SciFi bust, named 'Skylar'!

Abyssoul Miniatures sponsors one Faenir!

The MV-Studio found these old Rackham Dwarfs and adds them to the pool!

MiniWarPaint sponsors this boy on waterbuffalo and some bamboo for your diorama!

Orzol Studio adds this full diorama and a Dragon bust!

Orzol Studio adds this full diorama and a Dragon bust!

Miniac brings you a beautiful Duchess from his range!

Miniac brings you a second beautiful Duchess from his range!

Ammo/MIG brings you one of their books "Encyclopedia of figures" #02

A donation from Botho, a very rare Games Workshop 75mm Inquisitor miniature:

A donation from Oliver, a 1/6 Manga kit:






If you want to support
this challenge with a small donation from your company or brand, please do contact Roman via: jarhead(at)massivevoodoo(dot)com for more information!


If you want to support
this challenge with a small donation from your company or brand, please do contact Roman via: jarhead(at)massivevoodoo(dot)com for more information!

Your brand/company will be included here with a link to your homepage.
Thank you!

You can also support us by dropping a jungle donation so we can ship out prizes, buy coffee to drink while creating the galleries and doing judging work, handling all the mails and such ...
Thank you!

Supported by:
MrLee's Minis
Massive Voodoo
Josua Lai Miniatures
Roman Lappat Miniature Art
Miniature Art Academy
Journeyman Miniatures

Momo Pügerl
Nordlys Miniatures
Christoph Klingshirn
Kensho Miniatures
MV-Team Member: Sebastian
Abyssoul Miniatures

Botho Nees
Oliver Schitthelm

Well, now it is time for you to spread the word and invite your friends to enter this beautiful challenge so we all can see as many creative journeys as possible.

What are you waiting for?
Go beyond your imagination!

You want to support Massive Voodoo? 
If you like to support or say thanks the monkeys of Massive Voodoo in what they do, please feel invited to drop a jungle donation in their direction via paypal or check their miniatures they got on sale here.


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