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Hey everyone,

yeeeeees, i'm still alive :)
As love pierced into my heart i really didn't have much of my mind free for painting in the last time...
And when i had time i mostly painted on two Blood Angels tanks for part of a commission that was part of my army sale ;)

But after such a great weekend with Ben and Matt i feel like i have to shout a little bit into the jungle :)

First thing i want to show you are the two Blood Angels tanks, a Rhino and a Baal:

Those two are almost finished and will serve good on the gaming table :)

Next up is a small side project i painted at the painting class with Ben & Matt....
It was late at night and i needed a break from my Marine so i painted this Skaven Plague Monk:

And here is the result of the painting class... i really concentrated on painting... matt was telling me i was going into 'Autismmode' ;)

Nurgle Plague Monk

This is a conversion based on a Death Company Space Marine.... it was a really fun project :)
As i already got the question about the used colors:
The Basic color was a mix of 1/5 camo green, 2/5 Catachan Green, 2/5, Bleached Bone
I the highlighted by Adding more Bleached Bone to the mix and the shadows were painted using Dark Sea Blue from Vallejo.
After this i added Tank Brown from Vallejo to the Shadows and to the rusty places.
I used Ivory from Vallejo for the brightest highlights.
After this i glazed Scorpion Green into the mid-highlights, Yellow into the highlights and snot green into the midtones to give the armor the bright green it has.
Then i used ivory again to put on some small highlights into the yellow glazed places.

The plague spots were painted with hawk turquoise.
The scratches were painted with 1/2 scorched brown 1/2 chaos black.
For the rust i used Vermin Brown and highlighted this with bleached bone.
For some edges i used a pencil to add a metallic gloss.

After all i used rust colored pigments to some places.
 The conversion was done mostly with green stuff and bits.

I wanted to create some kind of plague doctor mask stlyed helmet... it's a bit short but the Green Stuff was somehow old and hard to handle....

Anyway, for a weekend of work i'm pretty happy with it :)

Last but not least, a little WiP shot of the base for Olis Miniature Exchange Project:

On a website i saw pictures of the city of Pripjat... it was a big inspiration :)

Soooo, you'll hear from me sooooon :)


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