Jungle News No06

by Roman aka jar

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I got my eyes upon wide while walking through the jungle and i let my energy heal on the weekend for the sonic BOOM of this Jungle News Issue. I'll try to keep it simple in typing and just bring you the precious information. If you got some questions, please feel free to ask them via comment.

The most important information is: we got another Ape jumping around in the jungle. Finally i have the feeling that for the moment the jungle is full. Filled up with enough crazy apes, it ain't easy to bring in some more as we only got 8 bamboo sun chairs around here in the jungle and now those are full. This time's awesome addition is Andrea from Italy, also known as MXP. A genius when it comes to historical painting. He is one of my favourite painters and this already begun when i was at the start. I admire his works and his skills and over the last years we became Friends who trust in Paint - in paint we trust :) - It is my pleasure to announce Andrea finally in the jungle, sorry buddy that it took me so long. Welcome and do whatever you want to do in the jungle. It is my honour :) - check the galleries and info sections about us to get to know Andrea - believe me it is worth taking the time and all the others, if you haven't done this yet.

Not much to tell, still some things on the 2do-List. The Tutorial Section is slowly growing in multilingual articles. Again, thanks a lot for your help and support: Alba, Andrea, Dustin and Marc - really crazy, that is so cool. I still hope we can find another timezone where we can do all of them haha. Please, dear reader and user of the Article section be patient - time will bring us further, no hectic at all.

After we did get several entries without a MV-hotpant or -short, we decided something. As we can't allow them (even they are really hot) - they are not wrapped in our hotpant. BUT we don't want to make this such a commercial competition. If you don't want to buy one of these then it is ok for us. BUT we still like booty, so so you grab a camera, shot your own booty or the one of a friend and do something really creative with it to impresse us. RULE CHANGES, yeah right! I love to break rules, haha! Please be sure you don't sent us your naked booty, they won't appear here as we don't want porn in the jungle. It still should be wrapped in something, maybe there you can find your inspiration :)

IMPORTANT: As we never can be sure that someone isn't cheating by simply catching a photo of a nice booty out of the web there is still one rule left. Somehow you have to write MASSIVE VOODOO on that booty, like on a piece of paper or some body colours, whatever you may like. Please keep that in mind. Those who wear MV-Underwear will have our attention, but also others can gain attention by their creative way of showing us their booties.
The Show your booty! Competition Rules will soon be updated with this information! Tell it to your friends and don't forget to check the Prizelist!

Hell yeah - everyone including me did forget about this, haha. I have reorganized the shop to help you better navigate. The special clothes you find in the start, the standard wear in the back. And there are also 2 new shirts available. Now you can find these 2 new additions beside all the known, grab your choice for some unique shirts no one else wears out there...

MVW Ultimate Brain Shirt (Boys and Girls)
important message included in the print

MVW Ape Soul Shirt (Boys and Girls)
 This shirt brings back your ape soul and some colour to your closet!
Here you find your way to the MASSIVE VOODOO WEAR SHOP - happy shopping and wearing clothes out of the Jungle design labs. I finally also got one and i love it :)

Kong's personal Playlist Temple is growing. You can find a lot of inspiring painting music that i collect to hear for myself here - JUNGLE DRUMS by Kong. At the moment i am really fascinated by music i found somewhere in Raffa's Playlists - one example "Dub Mafia - Breakneck".

This will include some other blogs i recently read and other unimportant intresting links which might could be intresting for you too. Pick your choice from:

This would be the right place for me to paint miniatures the rest of my life!
Ashley Wood's great artist blog
Great Weathering Information (Link sent by Nick, thanks, will be added to this Article!)
Some words about a Hive Tyrant done by me in 2007
Great houses on Cianty's Tabletop blog
A wonderful picture i love and which is really a desktop favorite of mine since some weeks 
Tom Banwell's great Real Life Steampunk Gallery
Check out Chromatic Stimulus for real cool Tutorials!
Brunos Art and Sculture Garden

Not much to tell here either. Finally the clock weirdness stopped. Sun is here again. I am collecting strength by her like a dinosaur and uhm... hum, yeah preparing some Workshop classes which rolling in soon. Additional to this Kong Fu bla bla i can offer a WIP shot of Enigma's (ok these next two words are getting different) Sumothay Prior Warrior in 54 mm, but you will never guess what colour he will have in the end, or will you?

Blub! This issue of the Jungle News is now over (if you are intrested in older News just catch them in the upper horizontal navigation bar)... switch off your computer and do some Happy Painting!
Best Regards


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