Sumothay Prior Warrior, 54 mm finished...

by Roman aka jar

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Mister Sumothay is now finished.
Enigma Miniatures are sometimes strange to paint. There is a lot going on and sometimes while painting i had to ask myself what everything really is - maybe i am just searching for an excuse why he took me so long - i did paint about 25~30 hours on him and yet i could have done some more when i look at him. Whatever a great model to paint. When i saw the sculpt for the first time some years ago i knew i had to paint him someday - now i did... hope you like him!

Sumothay Prior Warrior, 54 mm, Enigma Miniatures

If you want to have a look at him in my cabinet (shot done with lightning by the camera) here is the cabinet view, click to enlarge:

The wooden thing in the back of his base is the control of my girlfriend's jewelry box she was searching for quite some years now. I never thought i could have it when she asked me, so it was very funny after i showed her this base work, haha.... Talking about colour choices, mmh... i did use a warm/cold colour contrast here mostly - he will be up to ebay soon!

Keep on happy painting!


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