Tutorial - Creating a stone flagging base

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Creating a stone flagging base

I am talking about how you can work witl flaggings on your bases. This article will show you how you can have your go with stone flaggings, sure you can do more similiar ceramic ones for example in the use a bathroom with this method too - they might look like this if you'll do them more similiar to eachother with clear edges. I will talk about such to create my idea - very much important to me is that they all have the same height. So let's start.

What is Magic Sculp?

I like the product Magic Sculp by Grey Funnel Line a lot. It is a 2 Component Sculpting bulk, which is getting really, really hard. I did realize this while doing a little sculpting experiment a while ago. Even when it is very thin it gets really hard (that sounds weird). Remember you can sculpt with it - in this example it has the same colour like the resin model itself, but i guess you might see what is sculpted and what is not (started with green stuff but quickly went to Magic Sculpt because for me it was easier to handle):

You can also use Magic Sculp as an alternative to fill gaps on your figures. Put a small piece to the area you wish for and use a bit of water to make some kind of milk while rubbing it carefully over the MS - now that will easily closes gaps. Find out for yourself, the same procedure like in this Article Filling Gaps with Milliput.

How to handle?
It's a simple 50/50 mix from the 2 cans. A and B. Hard and soft, same like Green Stuff.In the beginning when you did mix them up i would propose to put the amount you want to to the place you want to and wait. I like working with it when it is a bit harder, i guess i wait about something in between 20/30 minutes. When i bring it on the spot i surely form it a bit to the wished shape it should get in the end before the waiting time. It is hard to describe this mathematicly as i don't have very much experiences with it at the moment. Simply try it out yourself and don't eat Magic Sculp (MS).

Preparing Magic SculptFor our reason of stone flaggings i often prepare something beside some sculpting work with MS. I told you that i'd like the flaggings flat. So i prepare this - what you need:

- Magic Sculp
- 2 stripes of Baking Paper
- Something that can flatten things

Now i mix up my MS by doing 2 similiar sized balls:

Next mix it and bring it into a flat form on one of the baking paper stripes:

Now put the other baking paper stripe on top and begin with pressing something plain to it. The baking paper helps that the MS won't stick on your hands or whatever you might use to make it flat.

When the MS is dry you can easily put it out without damage.

Now it is time to damage it. You can use your bare hands, a knife or a scissor or whatever you might think of. Break it into pieces, you can choose the seize and for sure you can choose to get the flaggings more similiar. As the MS is really hard i would propose to you that you break it in pieces and then carefully cut your wished form. Cutting from such a big plate won't work really good.

As i am doing this from day to day i have some stock of various plates. Sure there are tons of different materials you can use for this. I really like MS - can't describe you why, sorry.

Bringing it up to the base
I simply took some superglue and a toothpick to bring it up.You can really make nice compositions with them:

After this was dry i have filled up the gaps with usual flower earth we got on our balcony. Carefully i dropped in soem super glue and brought the earth in place, just like sand, but this time it was earth as i really like the various sizes it got - i do this on top of my dirtbox, where i do also snow - just too keep everything clean :)

The final base can look like this when painted:

Or, if you use bigger flaggings it could look like this:

Whatever you may choose for creating your stone flaggings... remember it is about the fun creating such bases, take a moment to think about it while doing, reorganize it if you got the feeling you should, take a minute to breath after you are done and maybe you take 10 minutes more to do some little more details...

Keep on happy painting!


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