FAQ - White Scar parts?

by Roman aka jar

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Hi again...

Ghostwarrior asked me over at CMON via comment which parts i have used at this White Scar Space Marine:
White Scar

Here is the question:

"I am currently working on my own White Scars army and would like to know what bitz if any you used for this model. Any help would be greatly appeciated."
 Here is the answer:

"Huh, that is back some time. I try my best. Model is a normal plastic Space Marine with a chaos backpack, cutted and glued again, a bionic arm with sword from the new Cadian Command Sprue, those samurai-looking things are from Flames of War 88s armour plates, the head is from Commander Culn from Forgeworld with a sculpted beard to make him look more like a hun..."
Hope that helps.
Best Regards

PS: Those who are waiting to recieve an email by me: I will write soon, but i guess after the weekend with my lady, Weekend-Time. Thanks for your patience :)


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