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Here is a little information to the painting classes i do.
Edwin asked me about doing such an event in Poland and as i was writing my answer to him i thought this might be intresting for others, but acutally i am not sure. Whatever here goes my answer:

"Hi Edwin,

sorry for my late reply. I do a lot of Email writing all day long and so it always takes it time :)

"... i was wondering if there is a possibility to invite You to do such event in Poland ?" (could be somewhere else too!)

For sure that would be awesome! I really would love to do so and i already thought about asking my best friend, which lives in Berlin for translation during the class, because he is polish and speaks german too. That would be pretty cool. Let me explain to you a bit of the class thing i have going on there:

As i am becoming a teacher of Art and Art history someday in the future in normal schools i am doing a little break at the moment from it. I try to make a living completly from my miniature love. As i am painting like crazy to stay alive i have painted a lot of miniatures the past years and gained some experience that way. I thought about sharing it with other Painters by doing such classes. It took a while to plan the class content and i had my first class one year ago in Graz/Austria. Since then the class, has improved a lot. It is aimed to be a beginner's class, but also brings experience painters a lot of inspiration and new ways of thinking. In the class i try to make a jump from understanding colours, colour choices, light, emotions to bring the feeling on what you do while swinging the brush by taking a look on art history through the whole weekend. In the end i'd like to mention that i can't do such a class without earning money by doing so.

I usually start planning such an event when somebody asks me like you did :)

You can do this easily via dropping me an email at: jarhead---at---massivevoodoo---dot---com 
Also know that Peter aka Baphomet is helping me out with the organisation of the class, so it might happen that you fastly get in contact with him after your mail to me. You can also write Peter directly at: Baphomet---at---massivevoodoo---dot---com

There are different things that influance how much it might cost per person, like how far have i to travel, do we need to pay a rental fee for the place, where do i sleep, etc. etc. etc. - these things have to be fully covered and also an additional amount for the preperation time, worktime during holding the class, material cost per every participant. The one person organizing it at place - somebody like you maybe - can be in the class without paying.

I guess this was the most important information so far - if you are intrested in still planning such an event with us Peter and I would love to read an email from you where we could chat and prepare further details.

Best Regards


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