Death Company Blood Angel finished and up to ebay...

by Roman aka jar

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Still vacation time at my house, Robert is in Greece doing vacation, Raffa is in Love with the world, so on and so on... the jungle is a bit quiet these days... i did finish this guy for gaming purposes and it will straight go to ebay.

You can find the auction here!
Happy Bidding!

If some might wonder why it looks as he would have no eyes: His eyes have been painted with Blood as he has fallen to the black thirst. Also he has a bullet wound inside his chest, into his heart but he still fights on. I had no chance to catch this with my photo efforts...

Here are some more views for sure. First i want to show you how the model looks like in my cabinet, as making good photos of it was a hard goal which in my oppinion i did not reach. This is how it looks in my cabinet, the camera lightning makes it pop out a bit too much, while the following pictures are hard going the other way - something in between, damn, haha. As my photo skills seem to vary from day to day and my available experience points were already spent on intense mind training on how to beat a gorilla up in arm wrestling i had no other choice to add these views into my cabinet with these photos:

Death Company Blood Angel, 28 mm, Games Workshop

The photo in my cabinet was done with lightning of the camera. Nargh, nargh, me don't like photos... but mind gorilla arm wrestling i am getting better in, thrust me. Oh dear, I adfdekjashwggsasjhlksnakk taking photos. Whatever, i hope you like him!

Keep on happy painting!
Roman ... bsrt! and back into the deeps of the jungle! :)


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