Ciao! ..the new Ape :)

by Andrea aka MXP

Hey Ho :) ,
Hi from MXP:)
my real name is Andrea, I am 37 years old and I live in one small town at north-west of Italy.

Today I like painting historical model in large scale, but I love all the painted miniatures .. I think that sharing suggestions and info are one of most important step for the growth of every miniature's painter all around the Earth..and now....the world will seem very small! :)
MassiveVoodoo is a funny cool place..and here, in the next future I try to be able to share with you all my colors and brushes :)

I'm very happy to be here... It's so funny jumping in the jungle together other monkeys..
BiG thanks for Kong and all jungle's family .. :)

and now...some of my puppets:

Hochmeister 75mm

H.Von Hohenlohe 75mm

Crusader 1099AD 70mm

Valhalla! 90mm

Teutonic Knight 90mm

thanks for view :) and ..GO APES :D

regards from Italy
Andrea - mXp-


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