Morning Music and Inspiration

by Roman aka jar

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Musica II!

Rabbitkadabra! from Rabbitkadabra! on Vimeo.

Russ Abbott's Three Day Sleeve from Ink & Dagger Tattoo on Vimeo.

What an astronauts camera sees

Miniature reletad stuff, maybe:
Lizzie does some amazing make up work!
Samuel Boulesteix does some amazing sculptures!!

A german languaged blog first - the "dieVincies" is a group of Tabletop- and Colour Fanatics and doint great stuff over on their blog, from tabletop gaming table stuff to wonderful bust painting - check them out here!

Spikey Rat Pack is another blog that has to be mentioned - two crazy guys doing some crazy miniature stuff!
You now find both linked up the right blog roll!


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