Tutorial - Painting Marble

by Raffa

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As i tried to paint a base with a marble floor today i want to share my experience with you.

Let's start!
 First, you need something to paint, in my case i have made a simple gaming base for a Space Marine.

To start of i mixed these three colors, Skull White, Bleached Bone and a Basic Skintone, you can also use a little bit of Dheneb Stone or something similar...

Thin the color a little bit with water and brush it roughly on the surface with long strokes going in the same direction, you can see what i mean by looking at the picture. This step is pretty important.

Now i mixed a bit of Black into the basecolor to create a darker tone.

I started to redefine the lines of the brushstrokes and add some additional lines. The pattern looks a little bit like lightning strokes.

Redefining the pattern even more by adding more smaller strokes

Now i mixed Vallejo Sepia Ink with Devlan Mud and added this mix to the base border.

I also redefined the shadow of the step.

To bring all colors together and add a first gloss coat i painted over the whole surface with thinned Tamiya Clear Smoke.

Now i added a coat of Future Floor Acrylics to "polish" the floor. You can just use some Gloss Varnish (Vallejo).

And here is the finished Product:

I hope you liked the step by step :)



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