Hunting the Last

by Raffa

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Hey there!

The last days were full of drawing for me, yes drawing, almost no painting, at least miniatures ;)
As i'm getting more and more closer to my self employment i'm reading anatomy books and sketching the whole day to get better at what i do.

So here is my latest completed artwork, it was going through some stages but right now i'm very happy with it as i tried out some new twists and style things and it worked out pretty well :)

Hunting the Last is about life and death, one cannot exist without the other.

I hope you like it :)

It was painted in Photoshop, the sketch was done on paper. If you have questions, just ask :)


Roman was asking for a sketch:
Here was the first concept i draw for the following digital work.
Some errors were in the concept but that's the good thing about digital art ;)

And while i was saving the sketch i made a detail collage:
Hope you'll like this! :)


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