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by Roman aka jar

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Hiho jungle friends,

all quite in the jungle the last days...
We have been hiding under the thick jungle canopy as the weather did not show us the summer we wished for.
Today the sun did rise in strength again and the monkeys, at least here in the MV headquarter feel power coming back in those old Painting bones...

I guess you all remember Captain Roberto's great Frutti di Mare project. For those intrested in the project comes now a gallery with all the Work in Progress and a lot of final shots of the piece. We hope you enjoy  

the "Frutti di Mare" gallery

 and soon you will find it linked up to the horizontal navigation bar under Media/Robert's gallery.

A little additional Kong Fu as today a butterfly woke me up as he tried to escape the bedroom - he got stuck in an open window and as he was really big and beautiful his wings made a lot of noise... i freed him and put him away from that stupid window ... nice start in the day i guess... thanks butterfly, may you fly and find your way :)

I am feeling a little bad about the 800 celebrations and as this is not really an option these days when it comes to time management, so the 800 celebrations about giving away a painted Miniature will be canceled. This went way too fast (somehow one week 100 followers of the blog joined). Here comes a big Gorilla promise that the 900 celebrations will be really big time, no not massive big time, but big. Massive big time will be at the 1000st follower party :)

These days are a bit strange for me as somehow my home sweet home is gone as my parents split up. Not that problem for me as i am old enough to understand everything, but surely my family suffers and that hurts. That is why i am glad of the big jungle canopy over my head, hiding myself beneath it and enjoying my sketchbook completly free, completly wild without borders and rules, first you see King Epicles fighting a giant rhino turtle deep in the magic forest, the rest is self explaining i guess - it is mostly scribble scrabble scrubble :)

I did manage to finally clean my workbench again and start a little bit all over again after the hard work in the last months, june brings green colour to my place ...

Read you soon and may you all see a butterfly in the next days :)
Keep on happy painting!


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