Kong Fu

by Roman aka jar

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"They that sow in tears shall reap in joy ."

Kong Fu time - not really much to say than those words above, oh well i did start painting Miniatures again after the last weeks have been a little bit of holidays from the hard working weeks before the Duke of Bavaria., did paint a wild painting with my hands to a canvas yesterday, listen to good music that fits my mood and plan the next things to do. Still the Oil article is not done yet, sorry for that, but it will be someday. Also there will be 2 article to write for the TabletopInsider and Gameforces. Also some painting has to be done and it feels like a pleasure again to make this brush dance upon material to some more additional music. Lots to do - so relaxing myself on the colourful side of active mind health shortly after this Kong Fu ...

 Oh well and painted Hombre Toro is running out tonight at ebay. If you want to take your chance on this sad but strong bull you now only got some short time left. Thanks to those already bid and watching him!

To every miniature you paint up your life will be connected as a memory, even if you are not believing it. Even the days you did one weren't spectacular your deepest soul will always have a memory connected to a finished Miniature. Sometimes the true explanation of a Miniature, for example Hombre Toro here and the memory connected to him comes with little delay - like so often with understanding in the myths of the past ... 

Watch in Full HD :)


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