Tarask of Var finished!

by Raffa

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Hey there!

The last weeks my daily painting time was completely dedicated to a very special commission.
I got the chance to paint one of the new BaneBeasts from Maelstrom Games.

The Beast was sculpted by the very talented ex-Rackham sculpter Stéphane Nguyen van Gioi and was a real big chunk of resin! I was really impressed by the huge size and detail of the beast.

My photos:

It was a real joy to paint this beast in a natural color scheme oriented at various reptiles and animals.

You can buy it over HERE if you're interested

For sure i made some work in progress photos while painting:

The basecoat was applied with the airbrush and a lot of hours of work with oil colors followed.
Around 90% of the work was done with oil colors which are very nice to work with at such a big size.
Oil colors i used were Burnt Umber, Van Dyck Brown, Ivory Black, Titanium White, Cadmium Red Light, Yellow Ochre and Cadmium Yellow :)
At least i just painted some smaller details and the eyes with classic acrylic techniques..

I hope you like this big guy!



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