Mind Freedom Kong Fu

by Roman aka jar

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Mind freedom seems to be the most important property in life - i have learnt this over the last years :)
Sometimes even my mind is full with too much, the directions of every day are confused and not focused on something. I was really lucky as i reached this point again to realize it, that is somehow what i have learnt - realizing it and navigate against a bad mood - so i've picked up my monkeybrother Peter aka Baphomet to hit the road to Austria to visit Robert for a very spontanous trip and such a wonderful weekend where my head and back did find rest and peace. I am really a big fan of Austria, great country, great people and the sun seems always shining, even if it is raining. Many thanks for these great days we had all together...

This Kong Fu will be something weird, just a collection of my free mind - whatever comes in my mind will be listed now - hope you enjoy. First, i did buy myself a new sketchbook to draw. My latest sketch books have been always full with things i have to do and lists and lists, maybe this one will be too someday but these days i just enjoy this free mind using the book to keep memories alive like i did already so long ago with some older books - and yes, i got many - like a diary of fast drawings without a deeper meaning mainly- impressions ahead:

We have some really strange flowers on our balcony and i miss the sun as these days are cloudy and rainy at my place... they look like alien spaceships. No idea what it is as i am no flower king...

A little information again about the last MAD MAX CONTEST. There is still one prize not yet shipped. I did choose one person randomly to write a letter to as writing a letter is something unfamiliar to me in the days of email and private messages and electronic chatting. The letter will go out soon - sorry that it took me so long, Mr. Engineer Jeff, but i did need a clear and razor sharp mind to write some thoughts down for you... here is a little preview of my "letter" - more soon in your mailbox :)

Another great info is about Thomas.
He didn't make it in time for the Mad Max Contest but did sent my his finished car and yes it is great to see your interpretation finished. I will soon add it to the Mad Max Car Entries Gallery, even it comes late - it deserves to be there. Many thanks, i also love your car :)

Many thanks to you, Thomas for showing your entry. I do like your basework and love to detail a lot. It is a great piece that you now have in your cabinet at home... Thanks for sharing it with us!

Some impressions of our trip to Salzburg and Graz last weekend. We even managed to paint a little Yoda of Star Wars in the room where Robert's Son will sleep as he is a big Star Wars Fan - he was really surprised as he saw it, so Robert told me. Thanks to Peter for making such cool photos...


What more Kong Fu can i tell?

Mmh this is a strange day - my mind is free even my mum was here a second ago and telling me that she and my dad will split up and finally will have a talk about the unspoken truth today - my mind stays mighty as i am old enough to know that love can change over the years and i don't know further what to say - just wtf?

Dark Times over and over again... still singing: 


Stay sunny and true in your heart and your mind will be free...
Kong Fu out!

Best Wishes


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