Excipio Vexillum - an Ultramarine Saga

by Roman aka jar

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This is a finally finished long time comission piece.
A squad of the greatest Ultramarine heros gathering to find a lost relique of the chapter. Iron will and honour guide them forward through the darkest waves of enemies over and over again - this moment shows that they soon reach their goal - but will they get hold of the relique?

I did paint up the Ultramarines during the last years and finished them overall with doing a base that brings them into focus. The main work was done at the Marines while the Tyranids do some sort of frame work to set the warriors of the emperor into a golden light and into the middle of the scene.

If you want to see the single models of the Ultramarines you can find an old photo here!
Again for creating such a base i have used a marvellous socket by sockelmacher.de.

Hope you like this little scene, even the basework and work on the Tyranids is a bit behind the effort done for the marines themselve. The base was a customers wish to have them at a good stand in his cabinet.

Keep on happy painting!
Best Wishes


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