Secret Weapon Washes

by Roman aka jar

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Some days are really strange, let me tell you a little Jungle Fairy Tale ---> i was cleaning up my colour trunk, removed mostly dead colours and refreshed the trunk with new ammunition - in the end every colour was in place, no space left, everything perfect and ready for the colour blast. There was no Fairy so far.

Suddenly now i have to thank Battlefield-Berlin and Secret Weapon Miniatures for made this all without avail. Those mad guys from Battlefield thought i would be the perfect person to test those mysterious new washes from Secret Weapon Miniatures, sent a parcel and there was the Fairy - many thanks and hell yeah there are some, there is even one called "Baby Poop" and the colour fits perfectly to its name. There soon will be a little review on those damn cool washes in so many colour variations. Thanks to Justin from Secret Weapon also for producing such cool stuff and for being next months Massive Voodoo main page supporter! More to come soon and as you can see i am already testing and try to avoid to think of my colour trunk :)

Painting Class in Soest ahead for the upcoming weekend. Also a little painter's meeting tomorrow with some friends. It might get lazy in here but don't you ever think i did forget about the Oil and Waves article :)

Build a mountain and happy painting!
Best Wishes


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