Review: Private Coaching with Patryk

by Roman aka jar

Good Morning MV Jungle!

Some weeks ago I had the pleasure to welcome
Patryk from Poland for a two day private coaching.

Patryk's goal was to learn more painting techniques especially focusing on skin and how to develop a paint scheme from a vision. Furthermore bringing his own skills on painting gaming models to the next level. We enjoyed some really cool two days!

Patryk learned understand the colors he uses more by learning to mix colors freely from primaries. Under my guidance Patryk learned to understand the influance of atmosphere in a paintjob and when it is best to include it in the full process:

He painted this 3D printed Gladiator to 'Ajax 3000', a cyberpunk version of a gladiator. Thanks for so much painting fun, Patryk!

Thank you, Patryk!
Thank you for your will to learn from me and travelling all the way from Poland.

Keep on happy painting!
Best Wishes,


Fully booked with Private Coaching lessons until 2023. Unfortanetely I can not plan new dates yet, as I plan to see group workshops return in full force in 2023. More plans will be available in late autumn 2022. Until then: If you are interested in updates on workshop news, sign up for my newsletter:
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