News: Workbook: Masterclass Display Basing - Destroyed Cathedral

by Roman aka jar

 Hi Jungle,

shortly before heading out to the World Model Expo I was able to finalize the work on my next workbook.

No time to read? Quick link:

Workbook you say?
Well, it is not a tutorial, it is more like back in school where you can follow along and learn while you repeat the steps. It is again about display basing and while the theoretical part of composition is similar to the first workbook the material content and building lessons are different. This topic came up during a private coaching lesson with Ryan from Singapure and I was able to document it for you. The theme this time is:

"Destroyed Cathedral"
and the workbook will guide you through steps to plan, build and paint something like this, including the broken, stained glass:

Enjoy two PDFs with 114 pages, inspiring and guiding you through the following topics:

Of course it is not only for display bases.
You can use the lessons for your gaming bases or wargaming terrain too. Here are some snippets from the PDFs. Enjoy!

You can get it here:

Keep on happy painting!
Best Wishes,


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