MU 110: Indaco Models, The Landgravine & The Flower Girl, 75mm

by Roman aka jar

Ciao Jungle,

time for another review on miniatures.

Review Time #110,

This time we take a closer look on a small miniature company, based in Italy:


This small company is run by Lorenzo Sasso and it is all about passion, obsession, dreams and storytelling. The things miniature dreams are made of.

In this review we will have a closer look on
The Landgravine & The Flower Girl in 75mm

First of all let me say I love their artwork and characters. They are unique, beautiful and at the same time grimdark. Really interesting. Two boxes to unpack:

Let's start with the Flower Girl.
A really beautiful, but at the same time disturbing sculpt and character:

Unpacking this model you will find it well protected and organised:

The card showing the artwork and her story on the backside:

The miniature itself is cast in blue resin. Unusual, and reminds a bit of the blue plastic Games Workshop uses. Well, it does not matter as it will be painted anyways. The Flowergirl arrives in twelve parts including a base.

The quality of the cast is truely perfect - every detail is sharp and crisp:

Her face is truely disturbing:

I basicly found no mould lines to remove on the parts.

The fitting quality is ace on the big parts, like with joints. It fits so smoothly and great. On some smaller parts like the animal's tail it is a bit smaller and more of a glueing it in place thing. All the main parts fit amazingly well.

The Landgravine

Unpacking the Landgravine you have the same quality as with the Flower girl. Well organised, well protected. The only thing I felt a little weird of is the artwork showing her standing, while the model itself is lying down.

This is not a big deal, but somehow confusing.

The Landgravine arrives in eleven parts. Five parts make the bed.

Again, the quality of the cast is beautiful. Nothing to complain here.

The fitting is so natural and well thought that you just need a tiny drop of glue for all surfaces or joints:

The level of detail feels just about right and her character with four arms is something beautifully weird.

Overall, I can say that this is a high quality product and if you like these characters I can only recommend to check out

Indaco Models

You can follow Indaco Models via Instagram to see their news:

You can also get yours from Mr Lee's Minis:

I hope you enjoyed this review.

Keep on happy painting!


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